Vintage Diary: Meet The Team

Published on: 1st March 2021

It’s all smiles and flying pick buckets over here. Meet the team at the heart and soul of all the work we carry out in the vineyards — where our quest for great wine begins every year.

Meet Blake, Burnsy, Jimmy, Bucky & Rod – who are all key members of our Vineyard & Viticulture team. We also work with local pickers with years of experience under their belts, who patiently and carefully help us harvest row by row.

Vintage Diary: Y28 Chardonnay

Published on: 26th February 2021

Chardonnay galore, about to be whole bunch pressed. Our first hand pick of the season!

Earlier this week, our team took on the revered Y28 Block which produces our Reserve level Chardonnay. A large block, it stands at around 2.5 hectares with a slight fall from top to bottom, encouraging beautiful and progressive flavour development across the site. Its harvest typically spreads over several days, so our many patient hands will be back at work here before the week is through.

Vintage Diary: The Beginning of V21

Published on: 25th February 2021

Harvest has officially begun here at Yering Station – one of our favourite times of the year. At 4am this morning our team embarked on their first pick, starting with Chardonnay in our namesake vineyard. Using machine harvesters, the fruit from this block is destined for the Chardonnay you know and love under our self-titled collection. Rod (Viticulturist) and Brendan (Winemaker) are thrilled with the fruit quality from this morning’s harvest, which is looking to be super clean and pristine.

Stay tuned as we continue to lift the veil on all the behind the scenes action throughout Vintage 2021.

Meet the team:
Thomas ‘Bucky’ Mullen | Vineyard Manager
Frank, Blake & Burnsy | Vineyard Team operating our machine harvesters
Drew | Cellar Door