Starward Whisky x Yering Station

Published on: 10th November 2023

It’s here. Starward Whisky x Yering Station: A Collaboration with Pinot Noir Wine Barrels. ⁠

Meet the Pinot Noir Cask Single Malt Whisky in a 1L bottle format, finished in our Yarra Valley Pinot Noir barrels. ⁠

Bursting with the flavours of Victoria, we hope you enjoy this very special, limited release. Gaining full access to our award-winning Pinot Noir barrels, Starward’s distillers worked with our winemakers on finishing their red wine barrel matured single malt whisky in a combination of our fresh and charred French oak puncheons which once held our Pinot Noir.

“What a fantastic opportunity this has been for Yering Station to collaborate with such a progressive and iconic Melbourne producer as Starward. A lot of hard work and dedication from our vineyard and winery teams goes into the growing and making of our wines, and it is a thrill for the entire team to see the beautiful dark cherry and the black forest influence from our Pinot Noir contribute to this delicious drink.” – Brendan Hawker, Chief Winemaker

Showing off a stunning Auburn colour, enjoy vibrant red fruits, blackberry, cedar, and a hint of musk stick on the nose. Savour the delicate and velvety palate where you’ll taste notes of black cherry and red currant from 2 years in our Pinot casks, followed by sweet toffee, vanilla and a hint of toasted oak.⁠

The process

  1. The Starward spirit was matured in a combination of fresh and charred American Oak and French Oak red wine barrels, for just over three years.
  2. Their distillers then melded these parcels together and filled a combination of fresh and charred puncheon barrels that previously held our coveted Pinot Noir.
  3. The whisky then spent almost two years in these barrels, soaking up all of the juicy and fruit-forward pinot characteristics.
  4. This resulted in a single malt whisky, rich with notes of forest berries, sweet vanilla and oak spice.

A note from Starward

“We knew that collaborating with Yarra Valley’s cool climate pinot noir specialists and first vineyard, Yering Station, would be a truly special chance to harness incredible local ingredients that celebrate the very best of Victorian flavours. Using the best quality French oak, these rare puncheon barrels capture those deliciously bright and fruity Pinot Noir notes, bringing forward a new depth of flavour in our whisky.”

Enjoy this limited release that celebrates the very best of Victoria.