Yering Station vineyards comprise 5 vineyard sites within the Yarra Glen and Coldstream regions.

Each site has subtle changes in soil, aspect and elevation which enable us to make the most of each vintage’s climatic differences. Soils, canopies and yields are carefully managed to ensure the highest quality fruit makes it to the winery and then the bottle. At Yering Station we utilise precision viticulture which is cutting edge canopy and soil mapping technology to produce the highest quality wines possible.  With these maps and the winemaking teams palate’s we are able to select the finest grapes from the best blocks.

Our alluvial duplex clay soils on gently sloping hills are ideal for producing wine of depth, structure and power.  By using precision viticulture we are able to highlight and work to our strengths within these soils.  These soils invoke the concentration of flavour in the fruit that Yering wines are renowned for.

The principal climatic characteristic of the Yarra Valley is its cool temperature in comparison to the rest of Australia.  It is probably Australia’s best-known cool climate region, which is ideal for producing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The Yarra Valley has variable and long growing seasons, encouraging the expressive, distinctive varietal flavour and complex structure for which Yering Station is renowned.  The mild to warm, dry and at times humid summers are followed by a long cool autumn.

As each year brings unpredictability and difference, the vineyard team works around the clock with seasonal environmental conditions to ensure every vintage potential is optimised and that the fruit is a true expression of the season or vintage.

Andy Clarke

Yering Station – Chief Viticulturist

Chief Viticulturist since 2011, overseeing all of the Yering family of vines, Andy has developed a strong connection to the vines and is at the heart of the great fruit we produce.  Along with his small yet enthusiastic team, he ensures constant communication and interaction with the winery, as the wines we make are a product of both environments working together in synergy.

Before moving to Adelaide to study viticulture, Andy grew up on a dairy farm in Tantanoola, South Australia where he developed a strong connection with the land; which ultimately sparked a passion for regionality and viticulture.  Starting his career in the vineyards of McLaren Vale whilst studying, Andy furthered his viticulture experience in Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley.   Following that, Andy worked winery vintages in the Yarra Valley and Margaret River regions gaining a deeper understanding of the entire production of winemaking.

His complete passion for food and wine eventually saw Andy leave the industry for a few years working as a cheese-maker in the Yarra Valley.  During this time he spent a summer in the French Alps as a cheesemaker (Beaufort and Reblechon), set against one of the world’s most picturesque landscapes.  This experience of spending more time outdoors working the land inevitably pulled Andy back to his true love, viticulture.

Andy’s knowledge of each micro climate of vines, effective canopy management techniques & connection to the land gives the winemaker the ability to produce the best possible wines.

He is a firm believer that as custodians of the land, we should be improving and regenerating the soil for not only future vintages, but also future generations.

Andy is a 2015 recipient of the prestigious Nuffield scholarship, which will provide insights and innovations from other global agricultural industries.