2020 Little Yering Chardonnay


An introduction to the world of Yering Station, this wine stands as an exemplary Victorian expression. Produced with clean and modern winemaking techniques, it is bright, fresh and approachable. Offering an elegant citrus backbone, it is complemented by juicy melon, ripe apple and creamy middle palate concentration.

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100% Chardonnay

Tasting Notes

Brilliant pale gold.
Creamy pear, honeydew melon with subtle white florals.
Soft and generous with a bright spark of freshness – like biting into nearly ripe pear. The wine is elegant, balanced and long in length with melon fruits and white blossom.



Professional Reviews

As an off-hand remark I’d wager that it’s harder to find good chardonnay pickings at the “affordable” level now. At the upper end the general standard has increased dramatically over the past 10-15 years but along the way it’s vacuumed some of the quality lower down. Thought of the day. This wine avoids that trap and offers good value. It’s generally light and frisky but it has the tools to give richness a shot. Citrus and nectarine flavours are the mainstays but there’s yellow peach, butter and cedar here too. We’re in business here.