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Heading Out, Coming Home


Scheduled for 21 August – 20 September
Andrea Kirkham-Hopgood regularly travels the roads between her home in Berwick and her father’s property in Yea. Heading Out, Coming Home is a visual record of the roadside vistas that have quietly but powerfully impressed themselves upon her over the years. Sometimes these vistas present a path forward and a journey ahead, at others they evoke the anticipation of returning home, while each painting in its own way explores the state of quiet reflection that comes upon us when quite suddenly the land reveals its beauty.
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10 July – 16 August
In Scarred SPECIES Gunnai artist Richard Young describes a seven dimensional model for healing the Australian land and its people encompassing spiritual, physical, environmental, cultural, intellectual, economic and social planes of experience. Painting a dark history that has traumatised and disturbed many Aboriginal families and individuals, Young tells a story of colour, strength, belief, healing and enduring hope for the future.
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A selection of works from The Dance

KATE BAKER | Photography

8 June – 26 September
Isadora Duncan observed that ‘Dance is the movement of the universe concentrated in an individual,’ while Martha Graham maintained that ‘Dance is the hidden language of the soul.’ Indeed, whether expressing interior soul space or embodying physical place, dance, by its nature, moves in a region beyond words, and as such confounds all attempts at translation.
For over ten years, Australian photographer Kate Baker has worked to co-create unique dream-like dance performances for select dancers through which it is possible to register the essence of this most fleeting of all artforms. The Dance brings together images created across a succession of unforgettable collaborations: Nijinsky and the Ecstasy of the Divine with Hamburg Ballet soloist Aleix Martinez, Dances with Lyrebirds with Melbourne dancer and site-responsive performance artist Gretel Taylor, and La Poesia Della Danza series I & II, and the Abbotsford Convent Laundry series, created with Sydney dancer and choreographer Venettia Miller. The individual silver gelatin photographs handcrafted in Baker’s Yarra Ranges darkroom have been selected for their ability to convey the dynamism, the emotion, and the sensuality of the dance. In their light and shade one discerns the beautiful intensity behind the music.
Baker’s transcendent images are set alongside sculptures by Warrandyte artist Emmy Mavroidis, who represents the human form as a medium primed for acts of creative expression.
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Emmy Mavroidis | Sculpture

The art of Melbourne-born artist Emmy Mavroidis is fundamentally concerned with the movement of the body. This exploration has produced a series of suspended-motion sculptures created by applying gestural abstraction to wax. The resulting cast bronze works convey an irrepressible verve that remains conspicuously alive and present in the final form.
In the creation of sculptures in wax that capture the human body’s movement, Mavroidis necessarily works with concentrated urgency, for the essence to be captured evaporates in the presence of hesitation, and the final form will fail if the inessential takes hold.
This method is employed to great success in award-winning sculpture Run Like This. Ever awake to the irrepressible vitality women share, Mavroidis has used her hands to shape the malleable matter so as to redefine women’s position in the world, for her definition of the feminine is neither passive nor inert. Instead, the feminine is shown to be a vast creative act, and as much a bounding through space as a pas de deux with time.
To view Mavroidis’s figures is to see essence released into form, thus enabling an experience of kinaesthetic empathy: a feeling generated by observing and internalising the movement of others that can be heightened significantly through the art of the dance. The phenomenon involves Theodor Lipps’ theory of Einfühlung. Lipps maintained that when observing an acrobat or a dancer, spectators can experience an ‘inner mimesis’, whereby they feel as if they are enacting the actions they are observing. Mavroidis explores this enigmatic connection between bodies: a somatic connection that underlies all social and cultural interactions.
Mavroidis completed a Batchelor of Fine Art (Painting) through the VCA in 1986 and a Diploma of Education through the University of Melbourne in 1992. She works out of Nyora Studio Gallery in Eltham, which she founded with partner and fellow artist Aldo Billota in 2003. She has been widely exhibited in Australia and abroad, and has received numerous awards for drawing, painting and sculpture, including the Arnold Bloch Leibler Award at the Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition 2019. Mavroidis is currently completing a Master of Fine Arts by research at the VCA.

Gardens & Sculpture Terrace

The Michael McCoy designed gardens and Robert Conti designed terrace provide ideal sites for works by some of Australia’s most accomplished sculptors.  Currently on permanent display are works by Jane Bennetts, Maria Coyle, Ernst Fries, Martin George, Rudi Jass, Emmy Mavroidis, Bill Ogilvie, Brian Paulusz  and Michael Sibel.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Andrea Kirkham-Hopgood regularly travels the roads between her home in Berwick and her father’s property in Yea. Heading Out, Coming Home is a visual record of familiar roadside vistas that symbolise either a path forward and a journey ahead, or the optimism and anticipation of returning home.
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Praised as ‘staggering, monumental and majestic,’ the aerial photography of Andy Vukosav reforms traditional notions of the Australian continent. Landscapes become earthscapes as geometries of navigation become lost in the vast and intricate poetry of space.
Set alongside Vukosav’s artwork, and resembling the handcrafted instruments of an alternate universe, viewers will encounter an array imagined scientific apparatuses  created by Melbourne-based sculptor Cliff Burtt.
Following on from their monumental installation Regenerator (2021) at the Art Gallery of NSW and numerous appearances as finalists and award recipients in the Yarra Valley Arts / Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards, collaborative duo Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler will bring their immersive, organic, concept-driven art to Yering Station’s historic winery building c. 1859.

Yarra Valley Arts | Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards

Owing to recent announcements by the Victorian Government relating to projected COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions across the state, and in light of ongoing interstate lockdowns and restrictions, it has now become necessary to reschedule the Yarra Valley Arts | Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards 2021.
Given that a state of lockdown will be in place until the beginning of October, and significant restrictions will in all likelihood prevail throughout November, the exhibition will now show in the autumn, running from 27 February – 3 April, with outdoor sculptures on display until 26 April.

Each year, we also celebrate and host the Yarra Valley Arts / Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards, which runs from late October through to early December. This event has a long history of showcasing an outstanding cross section of contemporary Australian sculptural practice. During this period, a beautifully curated exhibition of sculptures extends across our grounds and through the restaurant and winery building. This year we are delighted to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the sculpture exhibition at Yering Station, and we invite you to visit in spring for this landmark event. All commissions from sales associated with Yering Station’s Arts Program are donated to My Room Children's Cancer Charity.

Ulan Murray, Sacred Ficus, copper, Corten steel, stainless steel, 180 x 100 x 50 cm

We are also excited to announce that alongside the 20th anniversary exhibition at Yering Station and the concurrent exhibition at Arnold Bloch Leibler, we will be launching an inaugural small-sculpture exhibition at YAVA in Healesville to coincide with the broader event launch.

Ben Fasham, Entwined, stainless steel, bronze, 347 x 240 x 150 cm

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