Dan Su, Sublimation 888, oil on linen, 96 x 110cm



20 May — 25 June
Exhibition Opening | 4.00pm Saturday 20 May
Dan Su’s intuitive abstract painting explores the elements that stir as we pass through heightened emotional states. Within the mutable visual language of abstraction, Su employs broad bodily movement, emotively resonant hues, an aerial vastness of scale, and the blurring of wet-on-wet application to represent regions that extend between felt polarities: between certainty and confusion, repression and self-reflection, sadness and joy, hope and despair, passion and apathy, and in doing so she captures an interweaving living flow. Through creative acts, emotions appear in the guise of undiscovered worlds that call forth new senses, new faculties, and new modes of navigation.
Dan Su, Sublimation 1027, oil on linen, 91 x 95cm



8 January — 12 March
‘Light’ is an exhibition that is likely to beguile some viewers, not least because the light it portrays is somewhat remote from conventional representations of illumination.
In our light-saturated world of high lumen bulbs and outsized TV’s, our manufactured world of artificial hues and gleaming surfaces, our world of glossy prints, touch screens and digitally rendered ‘reality’, light is often obvious, brash and greedy for our attention, whereas the light that plays in these artworks emerges quietly, and with a superabundance of both gentleness and subtlety.
We are introduced to a less boisterous experience of light. We find a light that is not afraid to mingle with the darkness, a light that glows from distant centres and far peripheries. A light that senses, explores, gathers and bleeds through. It is moreover a kind of light that asks us to look both ways: at once outward, toward the painted surfaces, and also toward finer illuminations of interiority.
Belinda Rogers, Light 004, oil on Caravaggio linen, 175 x 175cm


8 January — 12 March
Mike Nicholls’ sculpture shows the human spirit in peaceful contact with the natural world. Benevolent beings and creative relationships are worked from the various timbers: a guardian spirit emerges from lemon scented gum, a bird form rises from charred cypress pine, and hands nurturing seed forms appear from native jarrah. While gnarled and rough hewn, with art making marks on open display, Nicholls’ sculpture nonetheless achieves a refinement, an elegance, and a poetry of form that speaks to the element of consciousness that stands in wonder before nature, and to the role of stewardship that connects humanity to the land.
Mike Nicholls, In Humanity’s Hands, 2019, bronze (edition of 8), 60 x 38 x 25cm

Gardens & Sculpture Terrace

The Michael McCoy designed gardens and Robert Conti designed terrace provide ideal sites for works by some of Australia’s most accomplished sculptors.  Currently on permanent display are works by Jane Bennetts, Ewen Coates, Maria Coyle, Martin George, Bill Ogilvie, Brian Paulusz, Michael Sibel and Fredrick White.

Upcoming Exhibitions


Yarra Valley Arts | Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards 2023

The Yarra Valley Arts / Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards is a collaborative event hosted by Yering Station winery and Yarra Valley Arts, a not for profit organisation dedicated to enhancing the cultural lives of Yarra Valley residents and visitors.
Respected for its consistency and longevity, the exhibition showcases a cross section of new Australian sculpture from both emerging and established artists. Having grown steadily since 2001, it is now the longest running annual sculpture exhibition in Victoria and an iconic event on the Australian arts calendar.
Staged across dramatic landscaped gardens designed by Michael McCoy, the exhibition provides ample opportunities for the installation of outdoor sculpture, while the long indoor corridors and breezeways offer indoor and sheltered spaces.
The exhibition at Yering Station runs alongside a concurrent exhibition of sculpture staged through the Collins Street offices of long-standing Principal Sponsor Arnold Bloch Leibler, and as of 2021 a small sculpture exhibition is presented at Yarra Valley Arts’ physical home, the YAVA Gallery & Arts Hub in Healesville, and all entrants will be invited to have a work considered for this show.
Dr Ewen Jarvis (Exhibition Coordinator and Curator, Yarra Valley Arts / Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards) is a professional curator, writer and public academic with over a decade of arts administration experience.
The event takes a 30% commission on art sales, 20% of which is donated to My Room Children’s Cancer Charity, while 10% is donated to Yarra Valley Arts towards the provision and promotion of arts events across the region.
The sculpture exhibition is supported by long term sponsors who share the vision and aims of the organisers: to foster the growth of contemporary Australian sculpture. Principal Sponsor Arnold Bloch Leibler – lawyers and advisors, Yarra Ranges Council and RACV have been particularly strong supporters across the years. The event is also supported by a growing list of esteemed arts professionals who have been members of the selection and judging panel in the past and who assists us in growing the exhibition’s profile.
Owing to the Melbourne lockdowns and restrictions of 2020 – 2022 this year’s event was held in the autumn. The next Yarra Valley Arts | Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards will take place in the spring of 2023.
Entry forms are downloadable below:
Entry Form YVAYSSEA 2023 Word
Entry Form YVAYSSEA 2023 PDF
For more information, please contact Dr Ewen Jarvis, Curator and Exhibition Coordinator, Yering Station Art Gallery, artgallery@yering.com
For more information, please contact Dr Ewen Jarvis, Curator and Exhibition Coordinator, Yering Station Art Gallery, artgallery@yering.com
Artwork can be purchased on site or by phone through the Cellar Door 9730 0143
To view more artworks by emerging and established Australian artists please visit and support our friends in the Yarra Ranges:
Hearth Galleries for Australian Indigenous Artwork
YAVA Gallery & Arts Hub the Home of Yarra Valley Arts
TarraWarra Museum of Art for Museum Exhibitions Featuring Australian Artists
Images at top and bottom of webpage feature artworks from Michel Canetti’s Femmes | Portraits and Nudes, 2019
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