Yering Station Art Gallery

Yering Station’s Cellar Door, with its rustic appeal, high ceilings and white painted, hand-made brick walls, operates as both a tasting room and a contemporary art gallery. Exhibitions are located in the Main Gallery on the ground floor and in the more intimate First Floor Gallery, with exhibitions rotating every four to six weeks.

The Yering Station Art Gallery has a solid reputation in the arts community and exhibits work by both emerging and established artists, while the annual Yarra Valley Arts/Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards, which runs from late October through to early December, has a long history of showcasing an outstanding cross section of contemporary Australian sculptural practice.

All commissions from sales associated with Yering Station’s Arts Program are donated to LARCH: The Leukaemia Auxiliary of the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Current Exhibition in the Main Gallery 9 June – 4 July 


Official Opening: Friday 16 June 6.00 – 7.45 pm

Michel Canetti, Augusta, acrylic on canvas, 167 x 137 cm

As a world renowned advertising illustrator, Paris born Michel Canetti has created images for publications such as Elle, Vogue and L’Officiel in France, for fashion and cosmetics companies such as Guerlain, Chanel, Estee Lauder and L’Oreal, and for other businesses including Renault, Louis Vuitton, Air France, Lux, Neiman Marcus, Polygram, SAS Airlines, Credit Lyonnais, Waterman, Perrier, Hudson and De Beers.

Although he has been resident in Melbourne since 1997, the influence of the French capital remains strong in his work, as does his love for the complexities and challenges of depicting the charming and changeable beauty of the female form. In his work as an illustrator, Canetti paints predominantly with gouache. The current show however translates his unique style of Parisian chic onto large format canvases for maximum textural definition and dimensional impact. Working with swift, confident, sweeping lines to depict gentle feminine curves, and employing a controlled mastery of suggestive detail, Canetti captures fleeting moments and sets them within a world apart.

In La Femme éternelle, Canetti’s second exhibition at Yering Station Art Gallery, myth and reality combine in a celebration of femininity as seen through a man’s eyes. As such it is the female gaze that looms large: sometimes challenging, sometimes appealing, sometimes cultivating detachment. Diverse states intermingle in these works. Some are suffused with a playful lightness, while others are heavy with yearning. Soft and aggressive sides of seduction are explored. Temptation, pride and fragility are all present, beneath which a powerful undercurrent, sometimes latent and sometimes in full flower, either stirs gently or flashes out with maximum brilliance. Canetti loves to paint the shapes of women with an eye always beyond the physical, taking in details with sensitivity in a way that will convey what he calls ‘the woman herself’.

Inspired by the playful moments in the rarefied world of high fashion, Canetti strives to both convey and affect powerful emotional responses. He cites as influences fashion illustrator René Gruau, early 20th century society portrait painter John Singer Sargent, and the comic book artist Frank Frazetta, creator of Conan the Barbarian.

Canetti graduated from the Sorbonne with a Bachelor of Arts in graphique design and a Masters in painting restoration. He began his career as a set designer for Club Méditerranée, a company that specialises in vacation villages, which involved creating the scenery for shows, designing flyers, writing menus, and making promotional signs for the village. As such he learnt not to waste time on unnecessary details.

After completing mandatory service militaire , he began to canvass publications and design disc covers, experimenting with new styles all the while. Upon finding an agent, his career as an advertising illustrator flourished, and since 2009 he has appeared three times in the biannual publication ‘200 Best Illustrators Worldwide’.

Michel Canetti, Georgia Blue, acrylic on canvas, 122 x 153 cm

Upcoming Exhibition in the Main Gallery and the First Floor Gallery from 7 July – 8 August 2017

Mary Van den Broek & Margaret Delahunty Spencer

Yering Station Art Gallery is Currently Accepting Exhibition Proposals for 2018

Download a PDF version of the Yering Station Art Gallery Application Form here

Past Exhibitions 2017

Lucy McEachern and Vida Pearson Cut and Formed on the Plains II 28 April 6 June

Oliver Ashworth Martin Musings of a Journeyman 29 April 6 June

Savaad Felich and Genevieve McLean Flourish 24 March 26 April

Laura White The Painted Garden 24 February 21 March

Anthony Bowles and Tim Jones Macedon and Beyond 20 January 21 February

Karen Hopkins Impermanence 2 December 17 January

Past Exhibitions 2016

Ben Fuog The Four Givens, The Great Pearl and Ikaria 28 October 29 November

Paul Laspagis The Floating Landscape 16 September 25 October

Ernst Fries Selected Works 16 September – 25 October

Bree Edgar The Naked Face 16 September 25 October

Flossie Peitsch Not Black and White 29 July 13 September 2016

Kerryl Shirley Constructions 24 June 26 July 2016

Neil Kelly This Kind of Blue 22 June 27 July 2016

Nellie Zimmerman Scape Artist … Evolving Forms and Nikki Perzuck Festive Journey 19 May 22 June

John Forrest Selected Works 7 April 18 May 2016

Lorna Garnier Eco Mind 7 April 18 May 2016

David Bowers and Nick Morris 25 February 6 April 2016

Justin Stone 25 February 6 April 2016

Chunky Move 21 January 24 February 2016

Yarra Valley Arts / Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards 2017

22 October – 5 December


Hero Image for Sculpture Exhibition 2017 3 x 5

James Cattell, Little Sailor Lost in the Ocean of Winds, Steel, copper, brass, glass lenses, mirrors, found objects, 55 x 175 cm

The annual Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards commenced in 2001 and is now an iconic event on the Victorian Arts calendar. The exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Yarra Valley Arts and Yering Station and runs for six weeks, from the last week in October until the first week in December. During this time sculptures spill out across the established gardens and line the long corridors and breezeways.

The exhibition showcases a cross section of modern Australian sculptural practice and provides opportunities for artists while giving visitors the opportunity to interact with contemporary art.

The judging panel comprises distinguished professionals from the arts community, and the prize money and exposure associated with the exhibition work to encourage artists in their practice while lifting their professional profiles. Catalogues are available during the exhibition, all artworks are for sale and visitors are encouraged to vote for their favourite work via the People’s Choice Award.

Panel Selection & Exhibition Judges 2017

Jeannette Davison: Art Director Montsalvat
Alex McCulloch: Director Alex McCulloch Art Consultancy
Chris Saines: Director Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

Prizes & Awards (non-aquisitive)

Yering Station Sculpture Award $12,000
Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Sculpture Award $5,000
RACV Award $1,000
Yering Station Art Gallery Award
People’s Choice Award

Application Form and Conditions of Entry 2017

Download a PDF version of the Yarra Valley Arts / Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards Entry Form here

Download a PDF version of the Yarra Valley Arts / Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards Conditions of Entry Form here

Contact Details

For further information please contact Dr Ewen Jarvis / Curator:

T (03) 9730 0102 M 0400 894 646.