Vintage Diary: Scarlett Block

Published on: 9th March 2021

Arguably, one of our most magical sites to pick – Y07. This site produces the pinnacle of our Pinot Noir, responsible for all previous flagship Pinot Noir releases under the Scarlett label.

We consider our Y07 block as holding the deepest and most consistent of soils across all our sites. This allows our Pinot to beautifully handle seasonal stress and develop fruit complexity naturally. As the seasons pass, we’ve understood through the mediums of science and taste, that the flavours on this relatively small block will usually develop differently from top to bottom. This level of understanding, through technology such as EM38 mapping, has informed our picking and fermenting approach – the team harvesting and fermenting top versus bottom separately to capture and isolate those delicate nuances.

True to our process, the block was picked in two instalments – bottom rows first and top rows a week later. All rows were carefully harvested by hand, ensuring systematic sorting as the team went through. Quality is looking excellent as an early first read. The important next steps in the winery, however, will determine whether the fruit from this block will earn its place under the esteemed Scarlett label this vintage.

Our last Scarlett release, from 2017, was met with a stellar reception – receiving a rare 99-point score from James Halliday himself. Watch this space!