Rob Baselier | Oblique & Isolated

As technological convergence strengthens global consciousness, it becomes increasingly difficult to come up with a concept that is entirely original. Kirby Ferguson’s Everything Is a Remix explores the idea that all modern thought is by definition, unoriginal. The happiest of memories have already been recalled, the darkest of thoughts have already been experienced. The concept of Original almost seems like an unobtainable ideal, yet every individual strives for this ideal in one way or another.
The realization of this unachievable experience leaves one pressed for motivation. Whilst exceptional circumstances cause technological, sociological or political revolutions, it is impossible, these days, for one to experience the sensation “of being the first”: The first to utilize agriculture, the first to form parliament, the first to generate electricity. For the common individual, there is no more original thought left in the world, all one can do is rework and re imagine the ideas that already exist; to experience the same feat from a secondary perspective.
This concept forms the basic creative rules behind Oblique & Isolated.
Each piece in the exhibit re imagines three core familiarities:
• Locations that are passed on a daily commute
• Friends that grow distant with time
• Fears of an undecided future
By thwarting, breaking, degrading and repositioning these familiarities, sentimentality is replaced with aesthetic appreciation. The uninspired becomes beautiful, as fragmented memories become new ones.
The Common and Dull suddenly becomes the Gorgeous and Fascinating.
Oblique & Isolated is a collection of digital works, generated predominantly in 2015.

Date & Time

Starts November 27, 2015 at 6:00 pm
Ends January 17, 2016 at 7:45 pm