Words from your winemaker…

The dust has well and truly settled from another memorable vintage at Yering Station.
With a warm spring in 2015, the vineyards sprang to life quite a bit earlier than usual, which in turn brought harvest dates forward for an early first pick on the 12th of February. There was no gradual ease-into-it either; we were flat out in no time, cracking the 1000 ton mark in half the time of last year! With some long hours and big weeks thankfully our vintage crew handled the craziness with ease and good humour. Represented by Italy, USA, Chile, New Zealand and Colombia, we can confidently say we have some exciting wines in store for 2016.
Now we are almost all caught up on sleep we are busy making sure that all the wines are being put safely into maturation mode, putting them to bed in barrel.
There is also a string of dates on the horizon to finish bottling the 2015 wines, which are looking sensational, and the first of the 2016’s – such as the Nebbiolo rose, Off-dry Riesling, and the Cane Cut Viognier.

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May 12, 2016