Viktor & Rolf Inspired Garden Party

Yering Station hosted an intimate garden party inspired by Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Maxime Croiset, Yering Station’s Head Chef created a selection of dishes inspired by the spectacular and avant-garde designs of Viktor&Rolf as showcased in their current exhibition at the gallery.

What inspired Maxime to create each dish:
Air bread, cured Wilhelmina trout, Yarra valley feta, caterpillar mushrooms
Inspired from Van Gogh girls collection, volume and colours, harmony of the designs, like an “organised mess” where everything is where it should be

Snapper cannelloni, salmon roe
Shallom collection, superposition and layers, elegance and simplicity, lot of straight lines

Braised duck terrine, sour cherries, native pepper
Wearable art collection. Worked around the same idea, “edible art”, loved the transparence of the paintings (jelly on the duck), 3D effect

Rosemary shortcrust, rockmelon sphere, prosciutto floss
Van Gogh Girls collection. Explosion of colours/flavors (melon sphere) and textures (shortcrust), summer feeling, straw hats (prosciutto floss)

Swiss brown sponge, Hens of the wood, paperbark
Russian dolls. I played with different textures and flavors, and the paperbarck on top for the Russian dolls effects where you uncover the next doll.

To see more photos from the day, simply click here.

Thank you to everyone that joined us on the day. Many thanks to Vogue Australia and Flowerbomb by L’Oreal for making the day even more special by contributing to the gift bags and Flowers Vasette for creating a gorgeous space for our guests. Stay tuned for more exclusive Yering Station events this year.

Published On

March 3, 2017