2017 Yering Station Cane Cut Viognier


A perfect pair to your favourite dessert, this wine offers a lovely balance of sweetness and fresh acidity. Layers of spice, tropical lychee and apricot provide an unctuous mouthfeel.

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100% Viognier
Yarra Valley

Tasting Notes

Bright Spring hay
Intense glace ginger, bergamot and candied orange peel.
Silky and powerful. Layers of spice, tropical lychee and apricot. A lovely balance of sweetness and vibrant acidity. Fresh and lively, this dessert-style wine is the perfect partner to your favourite dessert.


During harvest when the Viognier grapes have reached optimal ripeness, we cut the cane. Severing its attachment to the vine the grapes naturally desiccate. This technique concentrates, sugar, acid and flavour. Fermented in Stainless Steel to retain freshness and until the required sugar/acid balanced is reached.