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2012 Yarrabank Cuvée


Centuries-old tradition from Champagne meets modern Yarra Valley winemaking. Made in methode traditionelle. A beautiful palate celebrating the union of Pinot richness and Chardonnay vibrancy. Hints of vanilla slice and citrus fruits are supported by an elegant oyster-shell minerality.

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51% Chardonnay, 49% Pinot Noir
Yarra Valley

Tasting Notes

Pale straw.
Fresh Nashi pear, Anzac biscuit and subtle sweet spice.
Ripe apples with fresh yellow citrus and a subtle yeasty complexity. A delicious creamy centre.


Grapes picked at optimal ripeness with a balance of intense natural acidity and tight focused flavours. Grapes are gently pressed to retain freshness and purity. Only the heart run of the berries is used and fermented in tank to maintain a pristine line of concentration.