Cindy Sherman Up Late with Yering Station

We are thrilled to announce that this year we have partnered with QAGOMA to present their latest exhibition, Cindy Sherman.

Cindy Sherman is renowned for her mastery of masquerade — her own image is at the centre of an inspiring array of character studies created over decades. Sherman expands on contemporary society’s fascination with aspiration, narcissism and the cult of celebrity, and explores the resulting emotional fragility. Focusing on large-scale photographs made since 2000, this exhibition charts the artist’s return as the central model in her artworks, for which she is also costume designer, make-up artist and photographer. The exhibition includes two series made with high fashion houses Balenciaga and Chanel, and an entirely new body of work shown for the first time outside New York.

During the exhibition meet friends at Cindy Sherman Up Late for a unique Friday night out. Explore ‘Cindy Sherman’ after hours, hear from contemporary practitioners at a Storytellers talk, be tempted by the food and Yering Station wines at the pop-up bars, and enjoy sounds from a dynamic line up of international, national and local, all-female musicians in the heart of GOMA.

Tickets available here

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Published On

May 18, 2016