Yering Station Restaurant Menu


pig’s jowl, artichoke, broad beans, cauliflower a la grecque, peanut cream 23
braised oxtail, green lentils, pickled eschallot, radicchio, spinach & bacon coulis 23
spanner crab, asparagus, beetroot toast, corn, lobster foam 25
swordfish tartare, horseradish, cucumber, finger lime, tapioca crisp 24
confit mount cook salmon, avocado puree, burrata, cherry tomato, olive 24
chat potato & manuka ‘beehive’, truffle espuma, epoisse, smoked onion, thyme 23


beef flat iron, braised ox cheek, eggplant relish, pine nut, fried herbs 43
glazed duck breast, golden beetroot, orange blossom emulsion, witlof 42
charcoal lamb backstrap, sweetbread & pistachio bolognaise, artichoke 43
market fish, jasmine crushed peas, baby turnip, yuzu caramel 43
mussels, prawns, braised octopus, jerusalem artichoke, cabbage, veloute 43
farro & carrot risotto, ricotta, saffron, coriander powder 40
slow braised lamb shoulder for two 90
fried chat potatoes, rosemary salt
leaf salad, pickled eschallot, cherry tomato, basil


shoestring fries, pickle salt, shaved parmesan 11
roasted beetroot, apple, pine nut, white balsamic 11
leaf salad, pickled eschallot, cherry tomato, basil 11


milk chocolate dome, caramel cashew nut, raspberry jelly, almond gel 17
caramelised pineapple, coconut meringue, oreillette, spiced rum custard 17
saffron poached pear, wattleseed crumble, curds and whey 17
cheese with raisin jelly, apple, candied walnut, lavosh 28
yarra valley dairy camembert
tarago river gippsland blue
cloth bound farmhouse cheddar

Dining on public holidays incurs a 15% surcharge

Please note that menu items may contain traces of nut, egg, soy, wheat, seeds, shellfish and other allergens. Due to the nature of restaurant meal preparation and possible cross-contamination, Yering Station is unable to guarantee the absence of the above ingredients in its menu items.