Yering Station Restaurant Menu


seared scallops, squid ink crumble, lemon yoghurt, sea succulents, roe 24
braised duck, compressed corn, brioche, gastrique, argan oil 24
cured wilhelmina trout, muntries yoghurt, pickled white cucumber, melba toast 23
rabbit terrine, marjoram, carrot parfait, crispy pig ears, puffed rice 23
smoked eel tartlet, caramelised fennel, white anchovy, sage custard 23
seasonal vegetables, macadamia milk, roast parsnip puree, quinoa, manuka 22


grain fed scotch fillet, mushroom, fried potato, walnut mustard, eschallot cream 43
lamb rump, swede, juniper berry, mandarin, white onion soubise 43
corn-fed chicken, kestrel dauphine, radicchio, foie gras jus 42
market fish, octopus, roast chats, pancetta lardons, veloute 43
confit mount cook salmon, lobster butter, cabbage, picholine olives, grapefruit 42
manchego risotto, romesco sauce, fried cauliflower, d.o.p. aged balsamic 40
slow braised lamb shoulder for two 90
flat beans, almonds, chardonnay vinegar
thick cut chips, tomato & oregano salt


flat beans, almonds, chardonnay vinegar 10
leaf salad, walnuts, roasted pear dressing 10
thick cut chips, tomato & oregano salt 10


vanilla cheesecake, pumpkin, tonka bean, blackberry, lavender cream 17
rice pudding, sandalwood nuts, poached meringue, burnt manuka 17
choc beetroot mud cake, yoghurt gelato, freeze dried mandarin, tarragon snow 17
brioche bread and butter pudding, burnt white chocolate, red grapes, hen’s milk ice cream 17
cheeses with raisin jelly, red grape, apple, candied walnut, lavosh 28
yarra valley dairy camembert
tarago river gippsland blue
cloth bound farmhouse cheddar

Dining on public holidays incurs a 15% surcharge

Please note that menu items may contain traces of nut, egg, soy, wheat, seeds, shellfish and other allergens. Due to the nature of restaurant meal preparation and possible cross-contamination, Yering Station is unable to guarantee the absence of the above ingredients in its menu items.